Nearly half of Russian students would like to move abroad

Nearly half of Russian students would like to move abroad
Published:  21 Jun at 9 AM
A recent survey has found that almost half of students in Russia would like to move to another country. The poll, conducted by the Levada Centre, found 22 per cent of respondents wished to move to countries outside the former Soviet states, with 70 per cent admitting that they would probably end up staying in Russia.

Residents of large cities like Moscow were keenest to move abroad. Some 49 per cent said their main reason for wanting to leave was the idea of a better life. The study found that 67 per cent of students and 68 per cent of unemployed women were most attracted to life in another country.

Around 31 per cent of those who responded to the survey said they would travel abroad to ensure a better life for their children and 32 per cent said they would leave because of the unstable economy at home.

Another 18 per cent said they wanted to get away from arbitrary rule in Russia and 14 per cent are not happy with how businesses are run in the country.

However, just 1 per cent of all respondents said they had made a firm decision to leave Russia, and even fewer admitted they had already started to fill in the necessary paperwork to make emigrating a reality.