New Zealand migration loss slows

New Zealand migration loss slows
Published:  4 Jan at 9 AM
The number of New Zealanders moving across the Tasman to Australia dropped to its lowest level in just under two years last November, according to Statistics New Zealand. The net loss of population during the month was also slowed as more Australians travelled in the opposite direction.

After seasonal factors were taken into account, 2,900 more people left the country for Australia than entered, a drop from 3,200 in October and down from the 3,300 monthly average recorded since March 2011.

The total number of New Zealanders departing for their neighbour hit a peak in July of 4,300 but dropped to 3,800 in November 2012. The number of Kiwis moving back home has been increasing steadily and in November hit a total of 920.

Net immigration was up to 600 during the month, the highest level since December 2010, according to official figures. Although close to 40,000 New Zealanders moved across the Tasman during the 12 months ending in November, the migration loss was offset in part by immigrants moving in from countries including India, China and the UK.

Although Australia accounts for 45 per cent of visitors to New Zealand, China has now overtaken the UK as the second biggest supplier of visitors at eight per cent. The number of people travelling from the UK has been gradually falling over the past half-decade, whereas the number coming in from China over the past year has risen by 38 per cent.