South African youth more optimistic over future

South African youth more optimistic over future
Published:  14 Aug at 4 PM
A recent survey has revealed that youths in South Africa are more hopeful that they can have successful future in the country.

The survey, which was carried out by Pondering Panda and quizzed 18,000 people, revealed that people’s biggest concern is the unemployment in the country. Some 23 per cent noted that jobs were their primary worry, while 19 per cent cited crime as the most worrying aspect.

Even though the majority of respondents were optimistic that things would improve in the years ahead, almost half said they were of the opinion that things could get worse and that emigrating abroad was something they were thinking about.

The results showed that 27 per cent of South Africa’s Asian population feel things will get better, while 44 per cent of the black population and 34 per cent of the white population are of the same mindset. The black youths were the most positive, with 66 per cent believing things will improve.

However despite the positive figures, the country’s female population is not so hopeful, with just 48 per cent believing things will improve; this contrasted to 60 per cent of males who felt things would get better. In general, the younger respondents were more optimistic than older respondents.