Thorough research advised for people moving abroad

Thorough research advised for people moving abroad
Published:  2 Aug at 3 PM
People planning to move overseas have been reminded how important it is to thoroughly research their destination prior to travelling.

Crown Relocations senior move manager Kimberley Millhouse has advised people ready to leave the UK that countries overseas have different laws, conventions and processes in place, all of which need to be considered so as to make sure the move is as smooth as it possible can be.

This means people relocating abroad will need to research job opportunities and other issues such as schooling options in the area they plan to move to, in addition to finding out how to set up bank accounts, phone lines, utilities and other essential services.

Expats will also need to look into what will happen with their British health and welfare rights after travelling to a new country, as many domestic benefits cannot be paid in certain countries. Often, moving overseas will mean expats have to take out insurance in order to cover private medical care or dental treatment costs, while prospective movers will also need to let their existing British healthcare providers know of their decision to relocate.

Ms Millhouse said that many people don’t have so much time to consider these things when moving overseas, but that it is important to spend as much time as possible in doing so. She added that research will be beneficial when making visa applications as well as help you avoid mistakes and pitfalls.