UK manufacturing talent looks abroad

UK manufacturing talent looks abroad
Published:  21 Jul at 2 PM
British manufacturing workers have come out on top of a poll to see who is most likely to looking for employment overseas, revealed a survey by research and consultancy company Intelligence Group and jobsite

The survey quizzed more than 7,000 British workers and discovered that out of the people interested in or seeking for a move overseas, 9.8 per cent were from the manufacturing, production, repair and maintenance sector. A further 9.6 per cent were from the retail and wholesale sector.

Public services, defence and community, and transport & logistics both accounted for 6.6 per cent of those looking to move abroad, followed by banking & insurance and financial services at 6.4 per cent.

Some 41 per cent of employees in the UK manufacturing sector looking at prospects overseas cited the potential of a full-time contract as a key reason to quit Britain – and this was cited as a main reason for those in the other industries listed above, with between 36 per cent and 44 per cent saying the same.

In Germany, an even greater proportion of workers in the sector said they would be prepared to move overseas for a permanent contract, nearly double the figure of 24 per cent in Greece.