Taiwan DOH to lure doctors overseas to return home

Taiwan DOH to lure doctors overseas to return home
Published:  3 Jul at 6 PM
The Department of Health (DOH) in Taiwan said it would launch a project in August to lure Taiwanese doctors licensed abroad to return home to practise, in an attempt to combat the profession’s brain drain.

Taiwanese doctors practising in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the UK and the US, but who were already qualified before moving overseas, will be permitted to be general practitioners in their homeland without having to obtain a practising license first, revealed the Department of Health Minister Chiu Wen-ta.

The proposed project will enable qualified Taiwanese doctors licensed as surgeons, physicians, pediatricians, emergency room doctors and gynecologists/obstetricians currently working in any of the five countries to be granted a temporary license for their specialised field.

The health minister went on to say that after three years of working in remote regions of Taiwan, the doctors will be given specialist licenses to work anywhere in the country. The current regulations state that Taiwanese-trained specialists must undergo credit or refresher courses every six years in order to ensure their specialist licenses are valid.

The new project is only set to apply to Taiwanese doctors who have valid licenses in the countries listed and who had already qualified as doctors in their homeland before moving overseas.