Students in US want immigration action

Students in US want immigration action
Published:  31 May at 4 PM
Young illegal immigrants who claim that President Obama has not done enough to lower the threat of deportations despite repeated promises, have begun a campaign to urge him to use his executive powers so they can remain in the country legally.

The campaign is fronted by the United We Dream Network, the biggest organisation of young immigrants in the US illegally who would meet the requirements to be listed as legal immigrants under a new Congress proposal called the Dream Act.

The immigrants are among the most known activists in an expanding immigration movement. The drive to apply pressure on the White House highlights the level of frustration they have with Congress for not carrying out enough legislation action and with the administration because it continues to deport students who are illegal immigrants, even though the president claims he supports them.

Earlier this week, student leaders gave White House officials a letter signed by over 90 immigration law professors that argued that Obama has “clear executive authority” to prevent illegal immigrants from being deported when they could benefit from the new student legislation.

The professors pointed to a number of measures which Obama could take under the current laws to halt deportations and allow young immigrants to remain in the country temporarily.