Beijing offers easier residence registration for foreigners

Beijing offers easier residence registration for foreigners
Published:  29 May at 9 AM
Beijing has adopted several measures to ensure it is easier for non-citizens to obtain resident visas, according to sources within the Chinese capital’s police force.

Chinese law states that any foreigner living in the country’s urban areas has to make their residence registration application at a local police station within the first 24 hours of moving to a new house or apartment.

However, as many people newly arrived in the city from abroad live a long way from police stations, have problems in communication or are unfamiliar with the city’s transport system, it is common that they encounter registration troubles; some even end up residing in Beijing without a resident permit.

But now residence registration services for people from abroad are available from more sites, like select communities that have sufficient police facilities, revealed Beijing’s Public Security Bureau. In addition, sick, disabled or elderly foreigners who have problems applying in person are able to schedule a home appointment by text message or phone.

Other services offered by the police include providing new arrivals with handbooks explaining foreigner-related laws and general information regarding safety, transportation, travelling and catering. Another newly-introduced service will be to inform foreigners by police personnel visits or by text messages if their residence registration or visa is going to expire.

Community-based police officers have processed 38,000 resident permits for foreigners based in Beijing, roughly 12 per cent of all foreigners residing in the city. On 15 May, a 100-day campaign to curb foreign nationals entering the country, living or working illegally.