Expats miss the countryside

Expats miss the countryside
Published:  30 Jan at 12 PM
Expats miss the British countryside the most, reveals a recent survey.

Almost half (46 per cent) of expats in the United Arab Emirates that were questioned admitted that they longed for the ancient woodlands and rolling hills of the UK. The British sense of humour came in a close second place, with 42%.

Missing British humour rose to 65 per cent of expats in Germany, 60 per cent in Canada and 54 per cent in South Africa.

The survey asked Brits living in foreign countries the three things they most missed from home, with pubs coming in in third place with 41 per cent. Politics and weather were received the lowest amount of votes, with both netting just five per cent. Despite missing some aspects of home life, over two thirds (68 per cent) said they are happier living abroad.

The survey was commissioned by Lloyds TSB International, and spokesperson Nicholas Boys Smith said that often people don’t know what they have until it’s gone, using the findings of the survey to praise the British countryside. He added that many expats have adventurous tendencies, but still miss elements of British life that they probably took for granted when they were living at home.