Job seekers from abroad using fake qualifications in NZ

Job seekers from abroad using fake qualifications in NZ
Published:  26 Jan at 11 AM
The Qualifications Authority in New Zealand has revealed that dozens of people entering the country and trying to secure jobs are doing so by using bogus qualifications including university degrees. The most common offenders, according to the authority, come from Fiji and China. The most common forgery is a degree certificate.

Details released recently show that the subjects people claim to have a university qualification in range from childcare to computer science, and from information technology to business management. NZQZ said that it had caught people trying to use applications which had fake seals and fake signatures on them.

A 29-year-old Indian job-applicant was caught after he claimed to hold a bachelor of education. The NZQZ contacted his teachers’ college which said he had only attended seven weeks worth of classes. Another case involves a man who managed to secure a job as a car mechanic. Questions were soon raised over the authenticity of his qualifications and references.

NZQZ said that there was definitely an increase in the number of people attempting to get jobs by using false documents globally. However, it added it was confident that New Zealand had good enough resources to spot and prevent this type of fraud.

Karen Poutasi, NZQZ chief executive, said that there were strong networks of intelligence and information being maintained within agencies and across countries to tackle the problem of false qualifications. She added that although New Zealand was not immune, it was protected by excellent evaluation practices, regulatory frameworks and quality assurance systems.