British Embassy comments on SGK

British Embassy comments on SGK
Published:  25 Jan at 6 PM
The British Embassy is concerned over the new SGK healthcare scheme of the Turkish Government, in particularly the affects it may have on some expats.

In a statement, the Embassy wrote that it is aware of the “concern in the community” over new healthcare requirements imposed by the Turkish authorities on certain foreign nationals, reports the Fethiye Times.

The statement also claims that the Embassy was made aware of a compulsory healthcare scheme that was due to be implemented in 2010, but was later pushed back to 2012. The Turkish authorities finally announced that as of 1/1/12, it is obligatory for all long-term residents to join the scheme.

‘Long term’ is defined as being in Turkey for over one year, and the scheme applies to everyone not protected by a health scheme in their native country. Once a Brit has been in Turkey for a year he will be notified of the scheme, and have one month to register.

The statement concludes that the Embassy is communicating it’s concerns with the Turkish authorities, and is hoping to find out more information about the scheme and how it will effect British nationals living in Turkey. It adds to check it’s website and Facebook pages for updates.